About Our Models

All ship models shown at this page are fully assembled models - no kits. What you see is what you get.

All our models are hand-made with incredible precision and details by skilled artists. Exotic hardwoods such as Teak, Mahogany, Briar, King and Mango are used. Careful attention to details is very evident from perfectly laid individual planks to intricate rigging. Each boat is individually constructed, sculpted and finished by hand. The quality of our ship models is the most precise and detailed you will ever find! Our models will be enjoyment for generations. We guarantee it!


All stated prices are quoted for home delivery. NOT included are local taxes and customs duties. On request we can offer prices for any place in the world!

The exact price for each ship model depends on the transport cost and on the currency exchange rate on the day of purchase. The prices quoted on this website show an approximate price for each model; an exact quotation can be given on request. The experience shows that the exact quoted price is within the given range in 98 % of all inquiries.

All prices are quoted in Euro and are based on CIF (CIF = transport cost and transport insurance are covered).


50 % upon confirmation of order; 50 % on delivery; by SWIFT transfer.

Our Product Range


Close-ups of various details of some ships in proof of the quality and precision of our ship models you find → here.


In order to keep a ship safe and dust-free, we offer as an accessory a "showcase". Due to the risk of breakage during transport this case is being delivered WITHOUT panes. The necessary panes can be simply and easily inserted into the frame by your local glazier. The price of a showcase depends on the size of the ship model (approx. € 130 – 220).
Note: Accessories can only be delivered together with a ship model - not as a separate order.

As other accessory we offer brass corner fittings (€ 140) and wall brackets (€ 100).

For pictures, please click here:
Brass Corners
Wall Brackets


Each ship model is made by hand with hundreds of man-hours. Depending on the complexity of the ship please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. Models are shipped safely with specially designed packaging for safe delivery and easy unpacking.